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DNS Wellness Program

Our "DNS Wellness program", an annual initiative is vital to ensure the well-being of the elderly individuals we support. Your one-time donation can contribute significantly to their health and quality of life and help in early detection of any ailment or diseases. 

We have partnered with local hospitals and got a quote of 50$ (4000 INR) for a comprehensive medical checkup. 

How we use your donation

Our program offers a range of medical tests and examinations, including but not limited to blood tests, cardiovascular screenings, bone density tests, and vision and hearing assessments. We collaborate with experienced healthcare professionals who specialize in geriatric care.


Following the checkup, our participants receive personalized consultations with healthcare providers who discuss the results and provide guidance on any necessary follow-ups or treatments. Our aim is to ensure that elder citizens receive the necessary support and information to maintain their health.

How to donate ?

At this early stage, we are unable to take card payments due to technical reasons. However you can setup monthly auto payment from an Indian account or use Remitly for international payment. 

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Please fill up the information below and our team representative will reach out to you over email for next steps. We are actively working on enabling the payments directly from website.

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