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Donate a gas cylinder

We have enrolled all our supported elders in the india government scheme named Ujwala Yojna to ensure that they have access to a gas connection to cook. But still almost all elderly individuals struggle to afford the cost to buy a gas cylinders. 

One gas cylinder costs 20 $ (1500 INR) and it lasts for 3 months. If you decided to donate one time, you will help someone access to clean fuel for cooking for a quarter. 

How we use your donation

As mentioned all of our elders have active Gas connection and just need funds to buy a gas cylinder. We use these funds to personally pay for their gas cylinder every 3 months. 

How to donate ?

At this early stage, we are unable to take card payments due to technical reasons. However you can setup monthly auto payment from an Indian account or use Remitly for international payment. 

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Please fill up the information below and our team representative will reach out to you over email for next steps. We are actively working on enabling the payments directly from website.

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