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Adopt an Elder

"Service is the highest spiritual discipline. Prayer and meditation are good, but they are not enough by themselves. If you want to progress, you must serve others with all your heart and soul." ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

Welcome to our "Adopt an Elder" program, where a small gesture can make a big difference. At Oorja DNS, we calculated that with just $50 (INR 4000), you can support an elderly individual for a month. It's less than the cost of a family dinner in many places, but it has the power to provide dignity, nourishment, and comfort to an elder.

How we use your donation

Your monthly donation goes a long way in ensuring that our adopted elders lead a respectful and fulfilling life. Here's how we utilize these funds for a holistic impact.

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Nutritious Ration Kit

We meticulously curate a comprehensive ration kit, encompassing all the essentials an elder needs to thrive. From staples like rice and dal to spices, cooking oil, bath soap, detergent, toothpaste, and more, our kit ensures no essential is left unattended.

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Personalized Delivery

Our dedicated volunteers play a crucial role in making a difference. They personally deliver the crafted ration kit to each elder's doorstep every month, fostering a sense of connection and care. These interactions provide more than just physical nourishment; they offer companionship, contribute to mental well-being, and help combat the loneliness that often plagues these individuals.

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Quality of Life

Beyond providing physical sustenance, your support enhances the overall quality of life for our elders. Your generosity ensures they have access to vital necessities, live with dignity, and experience a sense of belonging within the community.

How to Adopt

At this early stage, we are unable to take card payments due to technical reasons. However you can setup monthly auto payment from an Indian account or use Remitly for international payment. 

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Changing lives, one senior at a time

Please fill up the information below and our team representative will reach out to you over email for next steps. We are actively working on enabling the payments directly from website.

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